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Marketing Predictions For 2017

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Most companies that deal in the ever-changing world of marketing might say that it is nearly impossible to predict. Well, we’re not most companies. We dusted off out crystal ball and read the proverbial palm of 2017 just to give you a better idea of what this new year may hold for us marketers. The Future Foretold! Facebook, Google & Skynet Domination All Terminator references aside, these two digital powerhouses are practically owning the digital advertising industry. Outside of these two major platforms, the rest of the industry is shrinking rapidly. It is likely that this behavior will continue into [...]

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn & Opens A New World Of Marketing

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Near the beginning of December 2016 Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for 26 billion dollars. The two companies finalized their deal on the eighth. Microsoft, in its integration plan, has a set of goals that could bring about great changes in the digital world, or as most see it, a new world of marketing. What’s the Plan, Stan? At a glance, Microsoft is planning to make LinkedIn a part of the Microsoft software much like you would have Microsoft word or PowerPoint as a necessary part of your PC package. LinkedIn will become a part of Outlook and Office Suite LinkedIn notifications [...]

Your Guide To Facebook Live!

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At a glance, most of us think that Facebook Live is just another way to share our personal life with our friends. Well, it is, but it can be more than that! Facebook Live is a gateway of opportunity for your company to connect with your clientele and market your products and services. Let’s take a closer Look! What is Facebook Live? It is exactly what its title suggests. It is a part of the social media platform, Facebook that utilizes the capabilities of live streaming. Live streaming is the practice of transmitting or receiving a live video and audio [...]

How To Optimize Your Landing Page For SEO

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How to Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO Do you enjoy paying an arm and a leg for traffic? Undoubtedly not! Yet most businesses throw money at advertising platforms in the hope that they might get some worthwhile traffic to their landing pages. Wouldn’t you rather get traffic from free sources, like search engines? Sure, you would, but search engine optimization, or SEO, has grown beyond the days where anyone could rank just by repeatedly stuffing words into their pages. That doesn’t mean, though, that benefits from the mysterious world of SEO, with its intimidating algorithms and rank-toppling updates, are [...]

Is Using Social Media For Business Effective?

By |Social Media|

Social media: is it a time-waster or a valuable tool to connect with your buyers? Considering how much time people spend there, being active on social media is tempting. But what about stories you’ve heard of companies pitching like crazy and getting nothing out of it? For every company that failed, ten have succeeded. Success depends on smart social media strategies. The right social media support can make you one of that ten. Use social media to show your business’ human side Rather than blatantly pitching for an immediate purchase, show people the human side of your business. Each time [...]

Ready for Panda 4.1? SEO In Six Simple Steps

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Over the weekend, Google released Panda 4.1: their new search algorithm that determines website page rank and focuses on removing both redundant and irrelevant content from their search index. It has already begun its roll-out and while some companies are receiving very nice increases in their ranking, many are receiving dramatic blows to theirs. So don’t put it off any longer! Now is the time to reevaluate your SEO practices and ensure that you don’t get burned too. The concept behind search engine optimization (SEO) is simple: keywords and phrases are used to help your website rank higher on Google [...]

The One Easy Tip To Save You From Trade Show Humiliation

By |Exhibitor|

Going to a trade show is exciting, there’s no doubt about it. You’ve planned it long in advance, have spent the time to train for the event, and you’re confident that your company will generate far more business than any email marketing campaign ever could have. When the trade show finally arrives and you have a great day filled with successful interactions and have obtained more qualified leads than you ever imagined, it’s definitely a cause for celebration! But don’t get too carried away if you still have another day left at the event—remember you still need to be up [...]

Getting A LinkedIn Company Showcase Page

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It goes without saying that executing a stellar LinkedIn marketing campaign relies largely on building an attractive and active LinkedIn business page. However, too many businesses make the mistake of thinking that if they have a single business page on LinkedIn, they are ready to execute note-perfect B2C and B2B marketing on LinkedIn.   What Are Showcase Pages? At Vonazon, we can help you with your general LinkedIn business page, but we don’t stop there. Instead, we take it one step further, using LinkedIn’s showcase page function to highlight your individual brands, products, and services on their own pages. Since [...]

5 Things You Should Never Say To Trade Show Visitors

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Trade shows are a unique form of marketing — you’re exposed, out in the open with dozens of potential customers within earshot at any given time. You might goof around or badmouth your competitors at the office, but you’ve got to be on your best behavior at a trade show — one unflattering remark can prove disastrous. What you say to visitors can have a huge impact on the success of your trade show. Say the wrong thing and you may not only potentially lose a lead, but establish yourself as an uncouth, unprofessional brand. No one is going to [...]

Tips For Running An Effective Facebook Promotion

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These days, it seems like every business out there is giving something away on a Facebook promotion. Whether it’s an iPad or a trip to the Bahamas, there are tons of enticing contests and sweepstakes being advertised on the social media giant, and it’s no wonder why. Over 1 billion people have a Facebook account; if you’re reading this blog, chances are you do too! This is a HUGE potential market for companies, not only for visibility, but also for engagement and sales conversions. According to the chart below, 87% of people like brands on Facebook, and the biggest motivator [...]