Google search results are in a constant state of change, and how often Google updates search listings depends on a variety of factors. It is crucial to understand how Google updates search listings and ranks your site to understand Google search updates and how often listings are updated. Through the use of Googlebot that crawls the entire Internet, Google constantly updates search listings to rank the relevance and authority of every webpage for any given search by a user.

It is essential to understand that Google prioritizes users’ experience searching the internet over the ability of businesses to improve their search rankings. Companies constantly try to keep up with the ever-changing Google algorithm to boost visibility and rank in search listings. However, Google is continuously trying to correct for ways that businesses may try to get visibility. In recent years, Google has adjusted its algorithm to assess relevance and authority and account for natural content that has high quality to penalize businesses trying to manipulate search results that decreases the quality of searches for users. It all comes down to Google ensuring the trustworthiness and quality of material that are high in search rankings so users trust Google as the best search engine.

That said, how often Google updates search listings is highly subjective and based on Googlebot that crawls billions of webpages a day. Google states, “The web is like an ever-growing library with billions of books and no central filing system….[Crawlers] go from link to link and bring data about those webpages back to Google’s servers.” As a search software, Googlebot finds and collects webpage information that updates Google’s searchable index.

How Often Does Google Crawl My Site

How each site gets crawled is very different. If you want to check your website’s indexing status, use Google Search Console to see when Google last visited your site. How often it crawls your site is dependent on how many high-quality links your website has, and the presence of high-quality links also boosts your search rankings. Googlebot crawls your site more often if it already has a high page ranking. This factor means if your page has a low search ranking and does not get many clicks, Googlebot will crawl your site less often. Crawlers have a big job to do and cannot crawl all webpages at the same time. These constraints force crawlers to choose based on the site’s perceived trustworthiness, scored by relevance and authority.

Other factors that determine how frequently your website is crawled and updated in search ranking can depend on factors like how mobile-friendly your website is, your page upload speed, domain authority, as well as your website’s analytical performance. Google’s search algorithm updates also directly impact the crawling process. Because of these factors, it is important to perform regular SEO auditing on your website.

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How Long it Takes Google to Index Search Listings 

Indexing is the information gathering process from the Googlebot’s crawling activities, where your content will only show up on a Google search if the content is already indexed. Once your content is processed and is determined to be quality content, it is added to Google’s searchable index. It can take less than a day or up to four weeks for your website to be indexed. How long it takes for your website to be indexed is based on your site’s popularity, structure, and crawlability. Keep checking your sitemap status in Google Search Console every day to have the latest Google search update. You can see how frequently Google visits your website by running a crawl stats report in Google Search Console.

Four primary indexing factors include: domain authority, predicting how high a website will rank; page authority, predicting how well a webpage will rank; content schedule, how often you publish new content; and website popularity, measuring how much site traffic you have, the click-through-rate (CTR), and how much time users stay on your site. Remember that these determinations are on a site-by-site basis.

How to Update Google Search Console

It is essential to understand the many benefits of Google Search Console. It is a free service offered by Google designed to help you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot how your site appears in Google search rankings. You must sign up for it to reap the benefits, but you will still appear in organic search rankings in a Google search engine update if you do not sign up.

You can update Google Search Console by fixing errors or submitting updated content. It is vital through Google Search Console to make sure that all of your content, especially new content is indexed, so it shows up on Google searches. You can ask Google Search Console to recrawl your URLs, or you can reduce the Googlebot crawl rate. Sophisticated Google algorithms can help determine the optimum crawl rate for your site. You can change your search appearance, such as creating titles and snippets that appear in search results. Therefore, you can make sure your site is indexed as fast as possible so new content appears immediately. You can also login to Google Search Console to control what content users see when your business shows up on search results. To get started, visit the Beginners Guide.

As a business, you can choose to work with Google Search Console on your own, or you can hire a company with SEO experts to work on your behalf. Let’s connect today so we can schedule a quick consult.

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