A few months ago we wrote an article about mistakes you should avoid during the Coronavirus. Since then the situation has escalated even further, with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on our livelihoods and our economy.  Now more than ever leaders must be adaptable, communicative, and supportive.  Your main goal should be retaining productivity by keeping employees calm and engaged. Support your team during this crisis and make it easier to get back to business as usual once it all blows over. The actions you take now will also have mental healthmorale, and productivity benefits.     

Here are our top 5-tips to support your team during a crisis 

1. Be Transparent & Honest to Support Your Team


A common mistake in this situation is to stay silenwhen the future seems uncertain and the answers aren’t all clear.  However, silence is a breeding ground for rumors.  Speculation and paranoia emerge when employees have no information on their company’s plan to weather crises.  You don’t have to share all details of what’s happening, however, providing your team with timely and professional updates will reduce fear and uplift morale.  

2. Support Your Team With Frequent Educational Communication


During times of crisis, there is a lot of circulating information.  Some of this information may be inaccurate and start to raise concerns with your employees. Support your team by filtering content that will keep them informed and well educated.  Send out educational communications regularly so your workforce stays up to date.   


A little praise goes a long way, especially now.  Employees thrive when their work is appreciated. Support your team by celebrating new business with a meeting and sharing in the excitement.  Ask your team what they are currently working on and highlight it to the entire staff.  This is a great time to start new positive habits.   

4. Support Your Team by Having Fun


You may have noticed that there are many restrictions taking place and we are being asked to stay home. For some of us, that means no friends or family, which can feel really isolating Spend some time having fun with your team.  Call a meeting where you don’t talk shop – just have some fun!  Support your team by taking their minds off the stress for a while. It shows you care.  Some fun activities could be: 

  • To play virtual bingo
  • A virtual scavenger hunt 
  • Starting a book club
  • Everybody watch the same show and share comments

5. Be Human


Don’t forget that there is a lot of stress going around.  Employees are worried about their jobs and adjusting to many other personal changesThis is an opportunity to put employees first and foster positive relationships with them.  Support your team by keeping an open-door policy, and allowing your employees the space to ask any questions.  Be more flexible than normal and show you care for them beyond the job.  These efforts will pay off by developing a close-knit team that is grateful for the role within your company. They will be more motivated and work for more than just a paycheck. 

We cannot control when a crisis hits or stop a crisis from happening. We shouldn’t waste time worrying about things out of our control, but we can control how we respond and treat our employees. Now is the time to focus on your greatest assets – people.  These tips will help your employees be more productive, reduce their stress, and help you to build an unbreakable culture for years to come.   

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