Before, we hop into the top website trends for 2020, let’s take a look back!  This new year marks the thirtieth anniversary since computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee changed life as we knew it forever with the invention of the World Wide Web (WWW).  Technology has molded the landscape of societies and cultures around the world more so in these last thirty years than ever before with worldwide connectivity at your fingertips.

With the rise in modern technology comes the rise of consumers expectations of convenience. Businesses have felt the pressure to compete on an entirely new level, which has been a huge motivator for the rapid innovations of the last three decades.  As 2019 comes to an end, we encourage you to look into a new decade. We thought it would be helpful to give you a head start on website trends to keep you ahead of the curve.  So, without furthering our nerdy internet history lesson, here are the top 7 website trends for 2020!

Glitch Art:

The most hipster of all the trends on this list, glitch art.  Visually impactful and sometimes confusing to the eye, it turns a coder’s nightmare into an art form.  Reminiscent of an image loading on the WWW in 1993, oh the nostalgia.  Check out our glitch art below and then try making your own with this cool generator!


Yes, the term Artificial Intelligence seems intimidating and honestly a little too futuristic at times, but ladies and gentlemen 2020 is here and so is AI.  This amazing innovation allows you to provide a more authentic and personalized experience for your users.  Combining AI & Chatbot technology creates a powerful tool to establish easy connection and increase the overall satisfaction of your website visitors. AI can bring robust analytics and behavior about your audience to further enhance your online presence and increase sales in the long run.


This year will be the battle between asymmetry and minimalism. While the human brain is naturally attracted to symmetrical visuals, we also seem to be pulled to graphics that confuse our eye a bit, this trend does just that. Creating a not-so-obvious imbalance in your hero images and graphics on your website can cause visitors to pause for a second while their brains make sense of what they are looking at. Here are some great examples: