With the amount of marketing automation platforms available today, we thought it would be a good idea to help you decide by providing the top six reasons you should never use HubSpot. According to a study conducted in 2017, 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business, so choosing the right platform has never been more important.

1. You enjoy cold calling

With HubSpot’s inbound methodology your sales team will have to give up their favorite task: cold calling.

I know, I know, how could I possibly ask such a thing from your team? Let me explain!

By changing your marketing strategy from one that is focused on outbound-only communication into one where your prospects are drawn in organically by educational assets, enjoyable content, and access to your expertise, your leads move through the sales funnel without even realizing it.  You will attract, engage, and delight them, creating an organic relationship they won’t want to give up.

With a digital environment crafted with authenticity in mind, HubSpot changes the model of your marketing: instead of your team making cold calls, your new prospects will be calling you!

2. Setting up a marketing platform with no support or guidance is your thing!

As a HubSpot user, you will have immediate and FREE access to courses that help you get set up effortlessly and ensure you fully understand the platform. Get ready for information on everything from marketing modules, to sales, service, design teams, and more.

Earn dozens of certifications to increase your credibility with your clients and customers. Who wouldn’t want that? HubSpot’s Learning Center offers a path to everything you need to know about all the most sought-after and valuable sales and marketing skills.

Still need help? We’d love to help you set up your HubSpot!

3. You like having to switch between multiple websites to access your reports and analytics

Spending an extra hour or so trying to locate the stats and analytics for your emails, landing pages, and social media may be exactly how you want to spend your afternoon, but it’s not what I enjoy. With HubSpot’s all in one platform you can access everything you need with detailed and accurate reporting.

Now that you have extra time in your afternoon, you’ll be able to explore more features that HubSpot has to offer, and maybe even create a new campaign or two.

Who knew HubSpot was so fun!

4. No one needs over 300 hundred integrations to choose from

Being able to seamlessly integrate almost any other platform into your main marketing hub is just asking too much. Or is it?

SurveyMonkey, Slack, EventBrite, and GoToWebinar are just a few of the literally hundreds of integrations offered by HubSpot to make all your marketing dreams achievable! Not only does HubSpot have a plethora of integrations to choose from, you can now keep track of all of your digital platforms in one location.

5. You truly believe that going on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter separately is an efficient use of your time

Scrolling through four different platforms to post content, engage with your followers, and market your business is much simpler than having all of it at your fingertips in one place…right? Wrong!

With HubSpot’s easy to follow posting system, you can easily post content across multiple platforms in the same amount of time it takes you to pour your coffee in the morning. Watching your engagement grow is much more interesting than watching grass, we promise.

HubSpot’s monitoring page lets you see post performance and your follower count in a customizable date range—so get ready for easy optimization!

6. Nobody wants to create, build, send, and track results of marketing content from one place

HubSpot offers step by step videos and how-to tutorials to help you design the perfect email and make it user friendly. There are also templates for those that are not as creative. How convenient!

Templates aren’t only used for the creatively challenged, it can help with any of those last-minute projects, which we understand can happen a lot. Don’t worry, HubSpot’s got your back!

If you haven’t caught on by now, HubSpot is pretty great! If you are considering making a change or want to see how your current platform stacks up, we’d love to offer you email marketing support.