The key to success lies in the strategies behind your marketing campaigns. From day one, your marketing efforts should be pushing your leads down a path with the least amount of resistance to become sales qualified.

Most marketers make the mistake of creating their campaigns with a single strategic approach without regard for their industry, their target audience, or best practices. Pardot will enable you to streamline your marketing efforts and push your prospects down that path of least resistance by integrating your marketing efforts with your Salesforce CRM efforts.

Business to Business

There’s a distinct difference between B2B and B2C marketing. Believe it or not, the difference isn’t just a letter. When you’re marketing to businesses rather than customers, we recommend tailoring several of the aspects within your plan to ensure your success.

The first thing you should consider is the fact that B2B marketing efforts have much longer sales cycles that require more long term lead nurturing. As an additional differentiator, B2C marketing efforts typically focus on one decision maker rather than having to get the buy-in from an entire team.

Although, Pardot was designed for B2B marketers, like any marketing automation platform, you can customize your usage in many ways to target any audience. With Salesforce in the mix, you can pinpoint the appropriate representative of the businesses you want to reach out to and contact.

Utilizing the advantages of Pardot is akin to having your cake and being able to market it to your hungry leads, too.

Understanding Transactions

Remember, the key to success is understanding your strategy from day one and implementing marketing directives that help push leads down the path to purchase with minimal obstacles. You wouldn’t have a contactor build your dream home without having any sort of blue prints.

The marketing capabilities of Pardot will provide your marketing teams with the blueprints: the information necessary to provide your prospects with eye-catching deals or opportunities that will push your leads down the path to becoming sales qualified.

Demand, Supply, Supply Some More

You have what they need, but so do other B2B and B2C marketers. That’s where your B2B marketing strategy comes in. You have to compete with other businesses to get to each of your customers first. With Pardot on your side, it’ll hardly feel like a competition. Your supply will be their demand, and you’ll be prepared for any bump in the road!

Vonazon can help you streamline your B2B and B2C marketing strategies and as a preferred partner with Pardot, we can you get you there. If you need any help with your Pardot account on the way, feel free to book a complimentary platform consultation with us.