At a glance, most of us think that Facebook Live is just another way to share our personal life with our friends. Well, it is, but it can be more than that!

Facebook Live is a gateway of opportunity for your company to connect with your clientele and market your products and services. Let’s take a closer Look!

What is Facebook Live?

It is exactly what its title suggests. It is a part of the social media platform, Facebook that utilizes the capabilities of live streaming.

Live streaming is the practice of transmitting or receiving a live video and audio feed over the internet to any that may care to watch in real-time.

Combine the two and you get Facebook Live!

How does it work?

It may seem complicated to anyone unfamiliar with both live streaming and social media platforms like Facebook. However, it’s really not as hard as it looks!

Utilizing it is as easy as creating a Facebook account for free and creating a new post by selecting the “What’s on your mind?” Prompt at the top of the page as you would for any other post. From there, you select “Live Video”.

Congrats, you’re now streaming video and audio content from your device all for free. How crazy is that?!

What can your company use it for?

It allows for your company to benefit in relatively the same ways any user would from utilizing the feature. It allows for:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Reaching New Audiences
  • Instant Connection
  • & Optimum Personalization

Facebook Live’s capabilities include a live feed of users who are viewing you in real time. You can see their questions, comments, and concerns as soon as they post them on your device’s feed. That means you, the streamer, can talk with your viewers right then and there, engaging and connecting with them.