When someone asks us what a lead score is, we’ll lead them to the nearest sports bar and point to a winning team on the TV… Kidding, of course!

Well, what is a Lead Score?!

Lead scoring is the process of organizing your company’s prospects or potential customers based upon their behavior or interaction with your marketing campaigns. Your company may create a marketing campaign through:

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • & Forms

Prospects range from anonymous users to marketing qualified leads! The difference between the two depends on the level of interest displayed by your prospect.

To clarify this range, anonymous users have no interaction with your company. Whereas, marketing qualified leads are extremely interested in conducting business with your company!

So, why is Lead Scoring Important?

The importance of Lead scoring lies within the interest of your potential prospects. The higher the prospect scores, the more likely the prospect will want able to do business with your company!

0 – Ignorance isn’t bliss…

1-10 Awareness

11-29 Interest

30-39 Consideration

40+ Marketing Qualified

When your company organizes your prospects into the categories seen above, your marketing team will be able to personalize the methods in which you attract the attention of your prospects.

Lead Scoring allows for the tailoring of marketing schemes to entice your potential customers in the most efficient and convincing way possible, leading to more business opportunities and therefore your company’s success!

To put it simply, the personalization of your marketing strategy through lead scoring will skyrocket your company to the top!