How to Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO

Do you enjoy paying an arm and a leg for traffic? Undoubtedly not! Yet most businesses throw money at advertising platforms in the hope that they might get some worthwhile traffic to their landing pages.

Wouldn’t you rather get traffic from free sources, like search engines? Sure, you would, but search engine optimization, or SEO, has grown beyond the days where anyone could rank just by repeatedly stuffing words into their pages.

That doesn’t mean, though, that benefits from the mysterious world of SEO, with its intimidating algorithms and rank-toppling updates, are out of your reach. On the contrary, with a little knowledge and the right SEO support, you can profit – and keep profiting – from search engines’ generosity.

SEO marketing help on your landing pages

Successful marketing via SEO begins with keywords – what phrases best describe your page, what related phrases will support them, where and how often to place them.

It’s crucial to understand two key bits of webpage code – meta title and meta description – and how to write effective ones. Knowing how to write effective, keyword-focused snippets for these two, hidden powerhouses not only helps you sway search engines, but also entices searchers to your website.

You want strategic placement of your keywords, too – in content, in headings, in file names, in image names – to strengthen your case for being authoritative enough to merit a high ranking.

Finally, you want your content to be more than just a rehash of what’s already obvious. You want your keywords cradled in genuinely useful content that induces readers to share it, tweet it, repost it and link to it. Experienced SEO marketing help can magnify the effectiveness of your keywords and content.

SEO management gets your landing pages noticed

Effective SEO marketing support, however, goes beyond just your own page. With so many pages out there, search engines need more input than your own to determine how your pages compare to others.

That’s where off-page SEO management comes in. Beyond the shares, tweets, reposts and links your quality content generates on its own, you want support that helps you generate backlinks from reputable, authoritative sites, confirming the value of your pages.

Successful SEO is NOT out of reach for your business. With expert SEO help, you can benefit from the free traffic that search engines provide. Contact us. Let’s discuss how our years of SEO experience can benefit you.