What do you know about the customers who visit your website each day? If you aren’t capturing leads from those daily visits, you’re missing a great opportunity to convert curious researchers into paying customers.


Through the use of marketing automation, you can not only capture great leads, but also convert those leads into paying customers. Information can be delivered to the right customer at the right intervals, improving your chances of success in your marketing efforts. But how does this tool work?

Lead Scoring

Today’s marketing automation tools use lead scoring to rank visitors based on their relevance to your goals. Leads can be ranked by factors such as business size, geography, website interactions, and past buying history. If you have been conducting marketing campaigns for a period of time, you can pull from historical data to inform the scoring process. If you already have a sales team, that team can help you by defining factors that have a high possibility of converting. Once these factors are in place, your business can segment customers and target them based on their scores.

The Right Content at the Right Time

Timing is everything, especially in marketing campaigns. Through the use of technology, a business can deploy an email at a specific time. Once you’ve gathered information on past interactions and scored your leads accordingly, you can then interact with each person more effectively. If a specific customer has a history of opening emails first thing in the morning, you can set emails to automatically send first thing in the morning for greater success.

Marketing automation tools are designed to make it easy to launch full-scale marketing campaigns. But perhaps the biggest benefit of these tools is that they encourage businesses to learn more about their customers and refine their campaigns accordingly. Over time, this helps them as they refine their products and services, as well.