Your customers are going blind – ad blind, that is. Traditional, interruptive advertising is becoming less and less effective as consumers increasingly tune out the clutter that tries to steal their attention from the useful, engaging information or entertainment that they have chosen to seek.

If traditional advertising is being tuned out, what can you do to stand out in prospective customers’ minds? The answer lies in the material that traditional advertising tries to interrupt. Instead of trying to distract people from the content they want, shape your message into useful, engaging content they will seek on their own accord. That’s what content marketing is all about.

Smart marketers use content marketing

Content marketing is not new. Smart marketers have been using it for years, especially those who have vaulted their brand into iconic status. It is no coincidence that brands that enjoy spectacular customer loyalty invest heavily in creating content that ties closely to customer interests – and subtly shows ways that the brand can help them get even more enjoyment out of their interest.

Brand-based lifestyle magazines and other similar media can be a chicken-and-egg situation: loyal customers seek the related content because they love the brand and love the brand even more because of the new benefits the content reveals.

Content marketing can work for anyone

Does that mean that content marketing works only for already iconic brands? Not at all! Even companies offering the seemingly most mundane products or services have successfully gained new customers and more deeply engaged existing customers through content marketing.

It simply requires a willingness to look at your product or service from your prospect’s perspective. How are they using it to improve their lives? What makes it an answer to their needs?

By developing a clear and winning strategy, you can offer content that consumers will actively seek and appreciate rather than ignore. You can offer content that will draw them deeper into an enduring relationship with you rather than registering as just another piece of annoying clutter, irrelevant to their needs.

Vonazon has extensive experience helping clients develop winning content marketing strategies. We also staff accomplished writers who can turn those strategies into engaging content. Contact us about your content needs and we’ll discuss how we can help you engage your customers – and prospects – with you on a deeper level.