Everyone has corporate creativity in some form or another nowadays (such as blogs, videos, or infographics). How are you setting yourself apart?

Although I wrote about the importance of high quality video production services for professional organizations last week, I feel that doesn’t go deep enough. Increasingly, just having corporate videos available on your company website or YouTube channel isn’t enough. The fact of the matter is that no one will watch your videos unless they have a reason or desire to do so. Creative storytelling is a key component of inciting interest, as is a visually pleasing presentation. A great way to showcase both of these? Video animation!

Video animation isn’t only for kids these days. While it certainly remains the bread and butter of huge companies like Disney, your business can benefit from cute, fun, or descriptive animations, too.

Searching for examples of how to utilize video animation for your company? Here are just a few of the versatile options:

Product Demonstrations: Let’s say your company creates complex machinery. You’d like to be able to easily show customers how your products work and why they’re beneficial, but long whitepapers or product guides with static images may not convey the process in an easily understandable way. By utilizing video animation, you can create a moving picture to illustrate how parts move, what goes where, what the output is, and how the user benefits. Video animation is also great for explaining your services, such as multifaceted programs that involve many people or steps. With video animation, no details are lost and your leads can become sales-ready customers much faster.

Sales-Related Infographics: So you have all your facts and figures neatly lined up that show the obvious benefits to those who utilize your company’s products and services. Sure, you can always create a flat infographic will all this information on it…or you can put that data into a video animation. Show off the numbers! Highlight the benefits! Illustrate how one affects the other! By tying in moving graphics with a voiceover or music, you can create a positive emotional connection between your company and your viewer.

Content Marketing: It’s all about branding. Video animation is not only a great storytelling method, but one that reinforces your company brand in a helpful, engaging way. Do you have an “About Us” video? Have you considered an animated webisode series highlighting the uses of your products or services? Do you have something that you simply want your customers to know about? Video animation is a great way to capture attention, entertain your viewer, and create a lasting positive memory in the mind of your customers.

Ultimately, video animation provides the human touch that often gets looked over in corporate marketing. By sharing a piece of your company culture in an informative way, you welcome newcomers into your midst and encourage previous customers to return for additional business.