Interested in reaching out to your customers in a new way? Consider video production.

With this style of marketing, you can speak to your clients and leads like never before…by actually speaking to them! Maybe you’re looking for something serious and professional to instill a sense of confidence in your brand; or perhaps you’d like to lighten things up and convey that you’re not just a faceless corporation, that you have a fun side and you are in fact an enjoyable organization with whom to work! Regardless of the style of video you’d like to build, it’s important to do your research and think about what you’ll actually need in order to create a successful video production.

When researching a company offering video production services, bear in mind the basics:

High-definition recording: You don’t necessarily need an IMAX-grade camera to film a corporate video, but the video production company you choose to utilize definitely needs high-quality, high-definition camera and microphone equipment. By making sure your video production services team has all of the equipment necessary to get the job done, you can rest assured that your final product will look professional and dependable—just like your company.

Conceptual development: It takes more than just a couple people holding a fancy camera to qualify as a legitimate video production crew. The best corporate camera crews out there are also creative teams who can help you brainstorm concepts, flesh out ideas, and write scripts for your business’s advertisement. Research until you find a team whose portfolio of work includes samples that you think are impressive. Just remember that a team with the right level of experience should not only be able to capture your vision on film, but should also have the internal talent on hand to assist you in making a better sales pitch with your advertisement.

Extras: There’s more to a video than scripting, filming, animation, and editing. As technology evolves, it is becoming easier and easier for laypeople to produce videos on their own. Therefore, when hiring a professional to perform these video production services for you, look for an agency that has a few extra tricks up their sleeves. Hiring a team with expertise in 2D or 3D animation, for instance, can add an extra note of professionalism to your video, as can green screen filming, lower third animations, and developed intros/outros.

Although it can be tempting to simply say “we can do it ourselves” when it comes to video production, you’ll thank yourself after the fact if you hire a professional team to help create your new video. You never know what hard-earned industry ideas they have at their disposal that could take your ROI from “barely breaking even” to “we’re pulling in business hand over fist!”