It’s a sad fact of marketing that not all of your lead prospects are going to be ready to buy a product from you today. However, that doesn’t mean that these leads should be discarded or forgotten. On the contrary, by nurturing those leads and keeping your brand on their radar, you give yourself a much better chance of eventually selling to them.

For companies with sweeping B2B marketing campaigns and countless lead prospects, though, nurturing each of those leads individually can seem impossible. How do you keep track of thousands of potential customers or clients and keep them interested in your brand through targeted content and product recommendations? The answer is through marketing automation, which can help you nurture your leads through email and social channels until they are ready to buy from you.

The Numbers

The fact that it can help to nurture leads and convert them into paying clients is reason enough for most companies to make ample use of marketing automation, but if you are on the fence, simply take a look at the numbers.

In most cases, businesses that are skeptical or hesitant about adopting automation software to help them manage software have some sort of misconception about the technology.

For instance, you might think that only companies in the tech sphere are using marketing automation, but that isn’t the case. While technology industries do make up 23 percent of automation software buyers, other industries, including consulting, manufacturing, media, advertising, banking, healthcare, retail, and even education make up a substantial portion of the marketing automation software market. In other words, this software is everywhere, regardless of industry, and if you are going to build a competitive marketing model for your business, you need to get on the same page as everyone else.

Another misconception is that only large corporate companies automate their marketing, but this isn’t the case either. In fact, more than half of companies that are buying automation software have fewer than 100 employees, and more than a quarter of companies using marketing automation have fewer than 20 employees. In other words, both small and mid-sized companies are making ample use of marketing automation, in addition to those “big corporate companies” that you picture using software like this.

Add the fact that companies using automation see a 53% higher lead conversion rate, and it becomes clear that not to use automation for your marketing would be to handicap your company’s growth and sales potential.

The Benefits

If you don’t want to deal with learning how to work a marketing automation program by yourself, then don’t worry about it: you can hire Vonazon to do the work for you!

The benefits of working with Vonazon on marketing automation are numerous. On one hand, you get all the advantages of using marketing automation in the first place, from the increased productivity of your lead conversion to a feeling among your leads and clients that they are being specifically nurtured and cared for by your company.

Best of all, when you hire Vonazon to do your marketing automation, you get all the benefits of using the software, but you also get to focus on all of your other work while we take care of your targeted marketing. A business is more than just a marketing division, and with Vonazon, you can focus on those other components while we build relationships with your clients, nurture your prospects, and build a list of qualified leads for your sales team. Marketing has never been this easy.

For Trade Shows

The usefulness of marketing automation is particularly pronounced for trade show environments. Many businesses are still neglecting to automate any part of their trade show marketing strategy, with nearly 60% of companies still gathering information about leads through manual methods, like business card bins or paper forms.

With marketing automation, you collect the information digitally to save yourself the tedium of inputting names and contact info individually. From there, you can add your lead lists to drip campaign email lists and other automated marketing campaigns built to nurture leads and get results.

Need help automating your trade show marketing? Get in touch with Vonazon today!