On Tuesday, Apple unveiled their highly-anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as their long-awaited Apple Watch. Of course, you already know this. Why? Because their marketing team is genius.

You knew about it before you could actually purchase it, even before it was actually built! Now, you can’t wait to finally get your hands on the product. This is Apple’s marketing at its finest.

Apple knows how to get people interested and keep them excited over a long period of time. They have nurtured their fan base and planted the seeds necessary to ensure that it will be growing ever larger, continually adding Apple users to their customer base who are always hungry for the next new release.

Think back for a moment to September of 2013—the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were released. Even though people were lined up in droves to purchase the new devices, they had already begun speculating what the iPhone 6 would be like. They knew that Apple would release an updated form of the technology sometime soon, but they didn’t want to just wait and see. People started their own community discussions, sharing their ideas for the product and what they imagined the new release would look like and be capable of. For a whole year, the industry hummed with excited buzz. Fast forward to now, September 2014—Apple has just announced their next generation, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and potentially even more exciting than that, they finally announced the creation and release date for the Apple Watch. With these announcements, they didn’t just give the people what they wanted: they delivered a promise to continually innovate and engage.

Your company may not be as large or as in-demand as Apple is, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from their successes. Apple’s marketing team uses very simple tactics that you can use for your business, too. It all comes down to a core principle in delivering new products that excite as well as provide a useful service. The very basis of Apple’s business is rooted in this ideology, as is Apple’s marketing style.

They always place their user in the forefront of their mind and develop a marketing campaign around them. Apple knows that people love talking about their devices (which isn’t surprising as over 50% of Americans now own at least one Apple product) so they encourage speculation and rumors about their new technologies. A quick Google search of “new iPhone technology” yields over 640 million results. Apple’s marketing is practically already done for them!

But Apple’s marketing continues to push forward, taking an active role in encouraging pre-marketing discussion and engagement. This is an incredibly simple marketing tactic that can be very easily applied to your own business to generate success like theirs.

All you need to do is let people know about your product or service. Give them enough information to grab their interest, but hold back on all the details. Just like telling a story, you can’t give everything away all at once. Start by introducing your products and services. Initiate further intrigue by highlighting their capabilities and new features. The trick is to provide just enough to leave people wanting more. Make sure to nurture this process, though! Don’t let it run on auto-pilot and assume that you’ll know how people will react; listen to their responses and alter your tactics accordingly.

You won’t become the next Apple overnight, but you will see success for your business if you practice the same customer-centric business model that Apple does. Pre-marketing is key, and Apple’s marketing team knows this without a doubt. Apply their tried and true experiments to your own products, services, and campaigns—you may be surprised to see how eager people are to come to you if you simply give them the proper tools and knowledge to do so themselves.