Trade show exhibitors often face a dilemma when planning for their upcoming event: “Should I use my in-house employees or hire professional event staffers?” Internal team members are often experts when it comes to their business’s products and services; in addition to that, they’re usually wonderful salespeople. But are those skillsets really the ones to utilize on a trade show floor?

At events like trade shows, the main goal is to interact with as many people as possible and qualify the maximum number of leads as you can. This is the area where salespeople fall short of expectations. They’re great at creating memorable, long-lasting connections, but they normally are only able to do so by spending a significant amount of time interacting with these new leads. In the time it would take one salesperson to meet, charm, qualify, and collect the information of one trade show attendee, a certified Lead Generator (easily available for hire through event staffing businesses like Vonazon) could interact and obtain the qualified information of dozens of new leads..

Generate the Right Kind of Buzz

When it comes to presentations, it makes even more sense to hire a professional staffer to fill the temporary role. There is a lot of information that needs to be memorized (standing in front of hundreds of people is never the time or place for improvisation!) and then delivered in an eloquent and impactful manner. By choosing to hire a certified trade show presenter, you are ensuring that your company’s products and services are showcased in an intelligent, coherent, and inviting manner. Who could say no to that?

Additionally, a well-spoken presenter will leave the right kind of lasting impression on your booth’s guests. You don’t want to be the booth that everyone remembers because they chose to have their speeches given by an embarrassingly confused staff member who did not know enough about their own products or services to pass that information along clearly—or because they chose an employee who has stage fright! You want to be the booth that everyone remembers because they had a highly trained, intelligent, engaging, and well-spoken professional giving valuable information in a way that encouraged attendee interaction and prompted legitimate sales that benefitted both parties involved!

Triumph at the Trade Show

With so many options available for you to choose from, it’s important to keep your goals in mind. Check out Vonazon’s talent section to learn about some of the most popular trade show and event staffer types. If you’re still unsure or simply want a little more information in a more personalized fashion, give us a call! We’d love to help make your next event a resounding success.