It goes without saying that executing a stellar LinkedIn marketing campaign relies largely on building an attractive and active LinkedIn business page. However, too many businesses make the mistake of thinking that if they have a single business page on LinkedIn, they are ready to execute note-perfect B2C and B2B marketing on LinkedIn.


What Are Showcase Pages?

At Vonazon, we can help you with your general LinkedIn business page, but we don’t stop there. Instead, we take it one step further, using LinkedIn’s showcase page function to highlight your individual brands, products, and services on their own pages. Since your “home” page on LinkedIn has all the general information about your business – from what you do to where you are based – it can be hard to find enough space to truly give attention to your key products without losing audience attention.

That’s where individual showcase pages come into the equation, and at Vonazon, we can build your LinkedIn Company Showcase Page from the ground up – including graphics, content, and more – into unbeatable pieces of LinkedIn marketing.

Need more convincing that you should be using LinkedIn showcase pages to promote your individual brands on social media? Read on for a list of pros and cons!

The Pros and Cons of Showcase Pages

Pro: First of all, it’s important to understand that showcase pages offer a great outlet for both LinkedIn B2C and B2B marketing. Using targeted lists, you can share different kinds of updates with different groups, sending some items to your LinkedIn B2C list, others to your LinkedIn B2B list, and some even to both. Whether you are trying to reach a corporation, a standalone customer, or a possible buyer somewhere between the two on the spectrum, LinkedIn showcase pages allow you to execute targeted marketing efforts that will drive lead conversion without alienating clients for whom your updates are not relevant.

Con: Perhaps the biggest con with LinkedIn marketing is spam. From businesses who simply put their advertising campaigns on autopilot and blast updates to all followers or connections (in other words, businesses who don’t use the targeted LinkedIn B2B or B2C marketing methods mentioned above) to groups and lists that simply get overcome with bots or users with shameless marketing tactics, LinkedIn’s spam problem will leave you plenty of nonsense to wade through. Not to worry, though! We are experienced in LinkedIn marketing and understand how to wade through the nonsense and get you the connections and leads LinkedIn promises.

Pro: While the spam and poor marketing standards visible on LinkedIn can be annoying, they can also tell you a lot about what not to do with your own LinkedIn marketing. Indeed, you can learn a lot about other businesses on LinkedIn, whether you are following industry partners to keep abreast of their developments, or merely keeping an eye on other companies to see how they market themselves via social media.

Something to Note: LinkedIn business pages and showcase pages can take a long time to set up, which is why a lot of companies simply don’t bother. Fortunately, we offers these page creations as a service using our experienced social media and graphic design teams. Once you have your pages up and running, they will be easy to maintain and hugely beneficial to your business for how they allow targeted LinkedIn B2C or B2B marketing, but setting them up can prove be a hassle for some. Luckily, Vonazon can do all of the set up work so you don’t have to, building beautiful and functional showcase pages for just $168.
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