Cool Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Guerrilla Marketing can be done for every business, big or small. The idea is that it is a super flexible way to get your brand’s messages out there to the people in a fun or unexpected and unconventional way. Here are some of our favorites.


  • McDonalds once did a piece of street art where the yellow crosswalk lines were fries and were painted coming out of a separate painting of a gigantic fry container (complete with the iconic golden arches). The marketing balanced style, advertising, and function, and provided customers with a much more visible, intriguing, and ultimately effective urging to go buy a large fry.


  • For the Spiderman 2 marketing campaign in 2004, Columbia Pictures altered a men’s bathroom so that one urinal was much, much higher on the wall than the others. As the small sign next to the toilet indicated, it was a urinal specifically designed for the web-slinging superhero. It was the kind of unorthodox ad campaign that likely led to countless chuckles and exchanges of small talk, and it got plenty of people thinking about buying a movie ticket as well.


  • Many entrepreneurs try out unique business cards in an effort to stand out from the crowd. The problem with business cards is that they all look pretty much the same, so having one that is impossible to forget will ensure that more leads remember your and your brand. A musician might use a card styled in the fashion of a piano keyboard, or shaped like a guitar pick, while a graphic designer might position his name and contact information around a meticulously crafted and colorful image. A business card that reflects your product, service, or brand is more effective, simply because people will like how it looks and will feel less inclined to throw it away.


  • Sometimes, the simplest form of viral marketing is simply found by painting your van or car like a moving billboard. Try to think unique for best results. For instance, National Geographic once painted a bus to look like the sliding doors were the opening and closing jaws of a shark. Similar designs that create fun or funny visual illusions are likely to attract the most attention and make people wonder what your business does and where they can find you. Be sure to provide those key contact details as well.


  • Flash mob events are incredibly effective guerrilla marketing techniques because they inherently generate a lot of media attention. Many theatrical or musical performers have taken to organizing such events to market their concerts or shows – a perfect marketing hook because it showcases impressive choreography or virtuosic performance for all to see. Once they’ve gotten the no-charge sample, people want to pay to see the rest.