Imagine you’re at a demolition trade show and you’re seeking out information on the latest trends in blowing up and knocking down big buildings (hey, someone’s got to blow this stuff up). You read about a booth you’d like to visit on the event website, walk across the trade show floor, and find what you’re seeking — a hot pink booth covered in purple glitter. You quickly turn around, pretend you didn’t see what you just saw, and seek out booths that don’t give you a totally weird vibe.   The color of your trade show booth says a heck of a lot about your brand; and it doesn’t have to be as extreme as the case above to make a big impression, good or bad, on your target audience. A hot pink booth covered in purple glitter totally doesn’t make sense at a demolition trade show, but it would fit right in at a fashion- or food-related event. It’s up to you to choose colors that match your brand and give off the right vibe to trade show attendees.

Colors stimulate emotions

Numerous studies over the years have shown that different colors stimulate different reactions in people. One color might help draw attendees to your booth while another might send them running to your competitors. Not sure if your trade show booth says “exciting” or “soothing?” Can’t figure out if your colors are calming or chaotic? Here’s a breakdown of the most common colors and what they say about your brand:


Want to be seen as a powerful, in your-face business? Red is the color of choice if you’re looking to convey excitement to trade show attendees.



Want trade show visitors to see you as vibrant and energetic yet friendly and inviting? Go orange; it depicts energy without being as overpowering as red.



Who’s the happy-go-lucky brand at the trade show? You are if you go with a yellow-colored booth. Yellow gives off the impression of happiness and cheerfulness.



What color do you paint your booth if you want to convey balance, harmony, and possibility? Why green of course! Green will identify you as a stable, harmonious brand and help you stand out from the gaudy, sketchy-looking booths found at many trade shows.


Trade show attendees, no matter the industry, are looking for trustworthy, dependable brands, and blue is just the color your booth needs to identify you as such. Go blue and you’ll have attendees walking up to you, seeking out your advice.



Want to identify yourself as the dignified and/or creative brand at your next trade show? Rock a purple booth and attendees will see you as luxurious, imaginative, or both.

For more info on colors and the emotions they elicit, check out this infographic from Techking titled The Psychology of Color.

Don’t think you can just show up at your next trade show with any old booth color and get results. While you might not think it that important, the color of your booth plays a huge role in the perception of your brand; this isn’t just some little brochure, it’s a big display made out of fabric, laminate, metal, etc. Take your booth colors seriously!



Finally, should, for some reason, a pink booth with purple glitter gives off the right vibe for your brand, go for it.

What color is your trade show booth? Do you put a lot of thought into choosing the color of your booth? Let us know in the comment section below.