What might those three tips be? Turning up on time? That’s a given. How about being charming – It certainly helps, but is it enough? Dressed for the occasion? Sure, it’s always an advantage. However, it’s clear that we’re going to have to dig deeper than this to see what kind of trade show booth staff can bring you and your company the most benefit.

What Results do You Want?

Let’s get back to the basics. What does your trade show booth have to do for you? How you answer this will depend on your particular marketing strategy and business goals, but typical responses include: building market interest; generating sales leads; starting new business relationships; and generally increasing revenue. While being punctual, charming and well-dressed helps by not putting prospective visitors off, it takes more to make the needle move on the sales dial.

Knowing How to Engage Visitors

The people on your booth also have to encourage visitors to stop by and to engage with your offering. That means understanding what your product, service or solution brings to the market, and which people will be interested in it and why. In turn, that means being trained in your offering beforehand.

Putting It All Together

Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. With the right training, staff on your booth will know how to target the specific interests of visitors and then match those interests with the advantages of your offering. To be effective, booth staff will also be trained in the dynamics of trade shows and how to maximize booth activities to get you the results you want. This is where Vonazon staff can bring clear advantage to you for your trade show presence.

Vonazon People – Much More than Just Pretty Faces

At Vonazon, we ensure our staff has advance knowledge of your company and your solution before the trade show begins. Our representatives arrive a day early to spend the entire day with you to train on your product and on your competitors. They all have college degrees and additional experience in the industries they are hired to represent. And they also have great personality and good looks!  And, we guarantee they will be at work on time.

Training, Training and Training

Training – that’s what really makes the difference. Just like the three most important things in real estate being “location, location, and location” – for trade show booth staff, they’re “training, training, and training.” Training in your solution, training in your industry and training in how to get the most out of a trade show for you.