When it comes to trade shows or large events, there is certainly no shortage of signs. From the critical signs that point you to registration, the restrooms, or the exit, to the clutter of various companies and brands vying for attention, it’s challenging to get yours to stand out in the masses. Here are 3 important tips to consider when designing your trade show sign to take it from plain and ordinary to show stopper awesome!

1. Be Bold.

Making your sign bold should involve a strategic combination of eye-catching fonts and colors that are still tasteful and not too distracting. Make sure both elements blend in with your overall booth design, but still send a clear message that conveys to the crowd what kind of experience your booth will offer. For colors, use a careful balance of light and dark, cool and warm, and other contrasting shades and colors. Be careful to use enough contrast to make the sign words readable and easily identifiable. In terms of fonts, choose a simple sans-serif font that can read easily from a distance. Fancy script and decorative fonts might look pretty up close, but they will just appear like a messy jumble from far away.

2. Be Concise.

You might have enough marketing content to write a novel, but a sign is not the place for it. Save the bullet points and descriptive paragraphs for your booth or handouts, and leave the short, witty headlines for the signs. When deciding what words to place on a sign, ask yourself this: “In one sentence or question, what would make me want to visit a particular booth?” Try to approach this question from the eyes of a trade show attendee who might have 20+ signs to choose from. What is the one eye-catching statement that will stand out? Once you grab their attention and draw them into your booth, this is when you can dive into your lengthier spiels to better describe your product or service.

3. Be Green.
In this case, we’re not talking about the color green, but rather the idea of being eco-friendly when choosing the materials for your sign. The benefit is that once you are through using the sign, it can have a new life by being recycled, rather than thrown in the trash.  Additionally, recyclable materials are often cheaper, so if you are creating a sign for one-time usage, you can save on cost while saving the environment. This way, you won’t risk having a tattered sign that is used over and over again.

Booth signage is just one of many things to consider when you are preparing to exhibit at a trade show or event. For more ideas on booth design and trade show event marketing click here, or click here to request more information.

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