Meet your new best friend…

Vanessa Bahena

Account Manager

Marketing Strategy & Trends 99%
Marketing Automation 95%
Web Design Management 80%
I firmly believe that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so I enjoy surrounding myself with people who bring light and adventure to my life. Nothing makes me turn my head faster than a cute dog or freshly made grilled cheese. I’m born and raised in SoCal but enjoy traveling around the world; you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Indian ice cream, trust me!
Research and personalization is key. I enjoy learning the ins and out of my clients and their audiences and designing personalized marketing strategies that match or redefine the trends their buyers are following. I like winning and when my clients are successful, I win.
When I’m not following politics you’ll find me sweating it out kickboxing or hiking in Ventura. I’m a musical soul so I’m usually at a concert or festival, dancing my little heart out. I am still working on being a Dodger Dance Cam regular.