Meet your new best friend…

Briana Beatty

Account Director

Marketting Automation 95%
HTML 85%
Photoshop 75%
I’m an urban wannabe, a lover of new technology, the mother of a future astronaut, and zookeeper of two rabbits, two hamsters, one worm, and three goldfish. My creativity and love for organization started at a young age and has bloomed progressively ever since.
As Vonazon’s Account Director, I take on some of our most challenging and complex clients, ensuring they are equipped with the best strategies possible to achieve their objectives. Think big…I love lofty goals and global concepts. You will too!
At work you’ll find me with a cup of coffee in one hand and a pencil in the other (why does everyone in this office love pens?!), but I once I’m home, I swap it them out for a nice big glass of red wine and some witty British television shows.